The Native Youth Sexual Health Network (NYSHN)

The Native Youth Sexual Health Network (NYSHN) is an organization by and for Indigenous youth that works within the full spectrum of sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice across the United States and Canada.

The reclamation and revitalization of traditional knowledge about people's fundamental human rights over their bodies and spaces, intersected with present-day realities is fundamental to our work.

We work within the full spectrum of reproductive and sexual health for Indigenous peoples.

What NYSHN Believes in:
Youth empowerment: means that youth are strong, and that youth deserve to be leaders in initiatives that have to do with us.

Sex positivity: means that sex is not a bad thing – and that we can talk about the good stuff too.

Cultural safety: means we have the right to talk about our culture, our spirituality, and our own communities when we talk about our bodies.

Healthy sexuality: means sex is a natural normal thing for humans to do – but on our own terms. It means we need all the information we can get to know about our sexuality – which is so much more than just having sex.

Reproductive justice: means that our bodies produce life in so many ways other than having children. Things have happened in the past and are still happening now that prevent us from having full autonomy and rights over own bodies – which is why we need justice.