Is sex somewhere you feel you have to be perfect?

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I picked the first option, and it's definitely how I feel. That said, sometimes it's not that easy to stick to in real life - if I'm with a partner I'm really compatible with, then we both feel comfortable enough to not be self-conscious at all; but those people are kind of like gold dust for me, so I've often been in situations where I do end up feeling self-conscious and being more passive that I'd like to just because it's not really an ideal sexual setting for me.

I HATE the word perfect! In my opinion there is no such thing as 'perfect' or 'normal' because there is no specific criteria that ANYONE should have to compare theirself to. And to me, wanting sex is a pure feeling of lust towards another person. That is what we should be focusing on when we are with a person we care about, not how 'perfect' your hair looks or how big your penis is!

To me, sex is a sacred form of expression. It's a safe space, where I can be myself and do what I want without worrying about anything else. I am about exploration. Exploration of all the different aspects of sex, of my body, of my partners body. Perfection is an ending point, where it's so good you can't go any further. If I worked towards perfection, not only would my sex life be stressful, it would be boring! I need openness, fluidity, movement, creativity. Not only is sex about exploration to me, it's also about love. How an I be in the present moment, lost in my love for my partner, if I'm worried about my moans being to loud or my vagina being too smelly?? It takes away from the moment, and I intend to make sure I make the best out of every moment when I'm making love to my partner and exploring my sexuality. I also intend to learn from my mistakes. Because who needs perfect, when you can live your life in a state of constant improvement and new experiences?

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