How does media you read or watch usually make you feel about sex?

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It makes me feel left out. I am a lesbian, and I feel HUGELY misrepresented. What people think of lesbians is what they find in porn, which I find disgusting. Lesbian porn is gross. Is it even like that in real life? I think I'm having better sex than that. People think that straight sex is the only kind of sex out there. Um. It's not.

The media I see most often on TV depresses me for its gender binary exclusivity. Though if I'm looking specifically for Scarleteen or queer sex sites it makes me feel happy and accepted.

I hate it. I absolutely hate it.

I've never felt turned on.

Never felt desire.

Never felt pleasure.

So, anytime I see it portrayed, I get a sense of betrayal, almost. It's hard to describe, but it's pretty much hate. It makes me hate myself, and sends me in a downward spiral.

Media makes it look so great, so imagine my disappointment when nothing turned out like it was supposed to.

Two guys kissing. Two women kissing. A female paying for dinner. A guy who looks genuinely vulnerable. Wanna know what these things have in common? I can't remember the last time I saw any of them in a mainstream ad.

As a cis-female teen, I've only just started to really educate myself about the subject of sexuality in general, but it's really frustrating to see acknowledgements of sex and relationships in the media because it feels like they aren't representing the ENORMOUS spectrum of sexuality that really exists, and more importantly, how it exists.

A lot of the time all I see is some half-naked woman doing something around a half-clothed or fully clothed male, or some product. Because of this, I feel like the media tends to represent some kind of notion that it's normal for cis-women to be associated as well-polished, exposed bodies whose only purpose is to add some aesthetic interest to the important subject: males or merchandise. And to me, it feels like the media is saying that's somehow the only interaction that DOES exist in our culture.

No acknowledgement of non-cis folk, or non-hetero folk, or any women that are independent and interesting humans rather than bodies, or any men that aren't "in charge" of what's occurring in the ad. These are things that occur in the real world, but even though I have friends that I'd describe as any combo of these phrases, I can count off on one hand the number of times I've seen any of these identities in ads or in the mainstream media.

Honestly, I hope that changes, for three significant reasons.
1) It's not very realistic or relatable.
2) It's not very broad as far as marketing goes, so the advertisers are losing business and therefore, being unwise economically, and NO ONE needs that.
3) It's boring.

I don't really feel any of these things. I'm an Asexual myself so I don't like the idea of sex. I've never had, and probably never will have sexual desire, so sexual stuff on TV and me = Meh... I don't actually understand why people like sex so much, must  be a human nature thing... But then i realize i don't have any desire and realize that it can't be human nature, but then i might be an acception, but then is it still human nature? @.@ After some thoughts like this, i settled on the fact that i am an exception, and it is human nature to have some kind of desire. If I'm completely wrong then i apologize, but this is my own opinion, and i don't want to change anyone else's. Like you other guys, i do agree that media leaves out most of the different sexual relationships. This is probably due to them being less known, and they want to appeal to viewers. I know another person said they would lose viewers, but i feel that people are used to a particular thing, and will get upset if they lose that thing. I know i would. Again, i might be completely wrong, but i just wanted to get my opinion out there. Hope this is a good reply

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