If you could pick one thing to get more support with per sexuality, it'd be:

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That it's okay for me to have one in the first place.
16% (193 votes)
That it's okay for me to choose to, or choose not to, explore sex with partners.
12% (148 votes)
That it's alright for me to be sexually different from my family or friends.
8% (101 votes)
That my body, in the context of sexuality or sex, is okay.
14% (163 votes)
That sexuality or a sex life has challenges for me; isn't just this easy thing.
10% (117 votes)
That I'm allowed to make mistakes or not-so-great choices.
9% (105 votes)
That I need more information or people to talk with about sex and sexuality.
7% (80 votes)
The way I feel about it, whether that's excited, scared, or any way of feeling.
5% (57 votes)
That my own moral compass exists and can be trusted as-is.
10% (123 votes)
That what I want and need sexually is as important as what someone else does.
7% (85 votes)
Something else (tell us in the comments!)
3% (34 votes)
Total votes: 1206


To be rest assured that it is ok for my gender idenity to be different from my biological gender that was assigned to me at birth.

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