What term do you prefer to use/hear for having sex?

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My boyfriend and I prefer to use Japanese, actually. We call it having sex when speaking English and やる事 (yarukoto) when speaking Japanese. Literally, I guess that would be doing it. Ah well. Thought I'd put in my two cents.

I like to use the terms making love and having sex, but with my bf we usually say fucking.

i call it boning

we just call it fooling around, because we don't really take sex too seriously we just want it to be a time where we are having fun with each other and enjoying each other.


Doing the funky chicken.

Me and my friends usually refer to it as ''Jizzpitching''. That said, I would like to add that I personally think that's the most awesome nickname for having sex =)

For some reason the students at the high school I go to refer to it as "smashing" and they will usually say "Hey you want to smash?". I have no idea who came up with it.

My friends and I refer to it as 'doing the dirty' or 'doing the grownup.' :D


Taking a Walk

Hooking up.

IT depends,when talking about it with my freinds we say "doing it", "having sex", "sleeping together".
But when Im with my boyfriend we sometimes say "fucking".

When you are in middle or elementary school sex is VERY taboo and is often called 'doing it' which is rather silly because (for example) when the teacher tells you an assignment isn't due until tomorrow and you say to your friend "I already did it with (insert name of friend of the opposite gender)" a very annoying person can say "YOU DID IT WITH (insert name again)!!!! GROSS!!!". I prefer just having sex.

I usually use "fucking" to refer to penetrative sex and "sex" to refer to anything else (oral sex, mutual masturbation, etc.) Most euphemisms for sex really bother me. I'd much prefer people to just say what they mean.

hanky panky. mostly as a joke. my mom told me and my step sister 'no hanky panky' one day, and that became the phrase among my friends. there is also a song by tommy jones and the shondells by that name.

Sounds innocent and common enough, but me and my boyfriend know what it means. I can say it anywhere without feeling like the whole world knows my business, and no one can judge. :)

Nu'ni is mine and my girlfriend term for vagina so if i want some it justt say. Nu'ni in an innocent voice.


It's making Love if it is primarily an act of Love, and it's "having sex" or "f*cking" if it's purely an act of pleasure.

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