Which of these is the best sexuality-based New Year's resolution for you?

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Actually put myself out there, not let it get to me if someone isn't interested.

What's the point of wearing your favorite rocketship underpants if no one asks to see 'em? -Calvin & Hobbes

I would like to finally get that IUD that I've wanted for a long time! I have an appointment with a new GYN at the beginning of the year and my fingers are crossed that it'll be a GO. :-)

I was able to already realize my sexuality-based New Year's resolution of getting an IUD: I'm happy to say that I got my Mirena last week! How are *your* sexuality-based New Year's resolutions looking?

To make love to my 2 1/2 year fiance more frequently.

I want to feel like a sexual being again.

I resolve to have sex with someone other than myself. 2010 didn't see much action!!!

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