Have you had an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy?

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I was happy to see that the percentage of the 3rd one (that I unfortunately am part of) was lower than expected. But then I looked to the 1st statement listed "I have NOT used any method of birth control and have NOT had an unplanned pregnancy." and was scared; though the percentage sounds low (7%), one-hundred ladies are having unprotected sex and could get pregnant and maybe have to go through what I did....

I was seventeen. And had been with my boyfriend for 16 months. We were already having problems: him cheating, I had drug problems at the time, and we weren't communicating well. But I was doing way better and I thought that he and I were going strong. In the beginning of February he left me for the other girl....and two weeks later I found out I was pregnant (which was crazy because we had been having sex for 14 months without protection). I didn't tell him right away...I had to figure it out. But I was sick and my doctors said I couldn't carry the child without risking both our lives--abortion was the only answer. Finally, I told him. Before I could even explain the complications he told me to get rid of it. And I walked away. He called me a few days later and asked me if I was going to and I just said yes, he actually came the day of. After that we went our seperate ways...but it still haunts me that I could have brought someone into this world and then messed it up....or that I just couldn't do it then--but it's just a really bad experience to go through.

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