If you had to pick ONE thing that often makes sex your best sex, it would be...

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thinking that I am with the most beautiful person in the world

honestly i think that sex is sex it all depends on who your with.

I like to feel that i can trust the person who i had sex with and can be a wild animal with him!

Sex is for me a most religious experience.
When I sex with my partner, I feel that we have become like god self. The two of us have become one and we are able to create another human being. We are god for this moment and the feelings can not be put in words. impossible!
Ecstatic, divine, holy, try give it a name!
Ataraxy! Bliss!

its like u and i are here now, and nothing else matters..:)
i feel very connected to him emotionally and otherwise

I chose "everyone's experiencing physical and emotional pleasure, orgasm or not" because that's the most encompassing choice =P

Because really, my answer would be this: When we're both experiencing physical and emotional bliss, and that includes the fact - and knowledge of the fact - that we're both loving, caring, and compassionate towards each other; we both feel very connected and safe, and both trust each other fully and are able to just be ourselves, relax, try new things, have fun, laugh, and lose ourselves in the moment. So pretty much, my best sex has been a mash of most of those options ;)

Teasing is what really gets me. I find subtle ways to turn on my boyfriend. Simple things, like changing in front of him or laying on his crotch.
Weird, I know. But true.

I suppose I could have put 'losing (or finding) myself in the moment', but to me that implies that there is a loss of recollection of the acts going on. Really, I find that my best sex is when both partners are completely into the the sex and each other, as though nothing else mattered in the world.

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