New Donation Page Coming Soon!

You can make tax-deductible donations to Scarleteen securely with PayPal, via UN|HUSHED - our new fiscal sponsor, here:

- more information on that change coming soon!

You may also consider donor-advised funds:

A donor-advised fund (or DAF) is a way to dedicate portions of your wealth, including cash, property and shares in businesses to a fund which then pays out donations over time to causes you care about, and continues to donate to such causes when you pass away.

If that’s an option you want to explore, get in touch with a financial planner about setting up a donor-advised fund for Scarleteen or adding us to an existing fund.

This can provide you with immediate tax benefits on future donations, your charitable giving in general can become easier, and, because of the forward looking nature of DAFs, you can help sustain us and the work we do long term!

If you're not sure if a DAF is right for you, or would like more information, you can learn more here.