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Author Topic: Scarleteen Testimonials
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For the upcoming benefit in Minneapolis for Scarleteen, at least once or twice during the evening, I'll need to go up on stage and explain to the general audience what this site is for, how it works, and what value it has to our users.

It'd rock to have some of YOUR words to read, instead of my incessant babble. It'd be really helpful to have some words from some of YOU about the value this site has to read out loud, maybe even to print out with some of the other materials we'll be circulating.

So, might some of you do a lady a favor and just write a paragraph for me here about when and why you first came to Scarleteen, what you needed/were looking for, what you feel is unique about Scarleteen, why you stick around, how we've helped you out, how what we do here has changed things for you, and so forth? Including your age and location would be really nice.

Thanks so much!

Added note: The benefit has come and gone, but it's SO great to have these testimonials. Not only can we use them for the site's promotion in general, I think I can speak for all of the staff and volunteers in saying that they just are a real daymaker to read for all of us.

So, I'm going to leave this open. If you're inclined to add yours, add away! [Smile]

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Heather Corinna, Executive Director & Founder, Scarleteen
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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

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Very Interesting, Since you, and all the volunteers at this site have helped me out so much I would love to just be able to give back.

I'm an 18 year old Male from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I first came to this site feeling a bit uptight about my self-image down below. I posed a question on these boards about it and low and behold I received a reply a couple of hours later.

Later on in the year i developped a severe clinical depression. I felt like I needed someplace else to rant and some advice from people who have gone through something similar to me, other than my only friend so I once again turned to these boards for help. The magnificant volunteers here gave me advice and made me feel as if i was not the only person going through what I was going through at the time.

This place is unique as it is one of the only places in which advice is always free and willing. You are not judged because of the problems you faced, your gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. This place offers an alternative for teenagers and young adults alike to ask questions that may be too risky or embarrasing to ask our parents or doctors. The volunteers at this site also offer support, and are willing to give advice no matter what the situation. I am very glad I have found this forum as it has made an impact on my life, as well as the lives of many others. Many thanks goes out to Heather Corinna as well as all the other Scarleteen volunteers for their support, and willingness to carry out this sort of peer mediation. Thank You.

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(Hey, thanks! [Smile] )

Heather Corinna, Executive Director & Founder, Scarleteen
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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

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I'm 15 years old and I'm a bit of a new comer to this site. I first came apon this site when I was searching for sexual information and I found a link to this site. I've been reading articles and advice for about a half a year now and the information I've obtained is incredible. I think this site is usefull in the way that it make you feel like people are listening. Asking for advice about something feels like something simple and easy to do as you know that educated people will respond and give you the best advice they can give. I also like that whenever they post an article or response to a question, they speak as if they have the best intentions and really want to help you. If I had the money to donate to this site, I would do it for sure. Because it's hard to find sites that give you completly true information and have such dedicated staff that really respond to questions as fast as they can. Thank you Scarleteen.
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I am a 16 year old female who has never had any type of sexual education, and multiple times I have had questions to which I could find no answers. This site is amazing because it lets you post your questions anonamously, eliminating any embarassment. Through Scarleteen I have recieved quick replies to every question I have asked and this accurate, candid information has helped me to make more informed decisions to protect both my emotional and sexual health. Thanks Scarleteen, for all that you do for teens like me. You guys rock!

"I only ask because I care"

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(Lindz, even $5 can help.)
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I love Scarleteen because it is one of the few places that even acknowledges the simple reality that teenagers are capable of being sexually active, and therefore need the education to keep themselves safe. More than that, the Scarleteen attitude is to RESPECT that need, and to empower each person--of any age, gender, or orientation--to be in control of their own personal decisions, fully armed with accurate information.

I know I come to Scarleteen both with helpful knowledge and with misinformation that I've picked up after years of living in a teen culture that spreads false rumors about sex in an attempt to fill in the blanks that so many adults refuse to address. So much of that is dispelled here, not just through sexpert-to-questioner interaction, but peer-to-peer as well. The Scarleteen boards create a healthy, compassionate environment in which peers CAN help, encourage, and educate each other under the supervision of informed, mature adults. Scarleteen encourages everyone who reads/posts in its articles/boards to take responsibility for their OWN sexuality and their OWN safety and education. It is the breeding of that sense of responsibility, that comfortable open dialogue about sex, and that taboo-elliminating sense of community that helps to deliver the info with such effectiveness.

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Y'all are so awesome! Thanks so much!

Heather Corinna, Executive Director & Founder, Scarleteen
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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

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Miz S - here's another, if you need more Words.

I'm 24, from New York. I first came to Scarleteen because I wanted some objective, non-parental feedback on what first-time sexual experiences were like. Opening up to strangers about my relationship problems unnerved me at first, but after I saw that the community here is worldly and varied, I felt relieved. Scarleteen was the first step I took toward getting professional counseling. Heather Corinna and other volunteers here helped me realize that my emotional repression in intimate relationships was not out of place, and something that I couldn't necessarily surmount without educated advice.

Scarleteen has the largely-unappreciated task of providing forthright sexual education without moral imperatives. It allays young people's fears, responds to their interest in their own bodies and mental health, and reassures them that their experiences are worthy of attention.

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These are so nice to read, and will be really helpful. Thanks!

Heather Corinna, Executive Director & Founder, Scarleteen
About Me Get our book!
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

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I'm guessing you already have a few things to say.

Scarleteen has really helped me especially as I reside in a very conservative country where sexual activity is offered refered to as taboo and something illegal in many cases. Your meesage board along with the articles has not only increased my knowledge, it's acutally helped me take a more mature stance towards life on a overall basis and even helped me learn from my mistakes.
The fact that you can ask Scarleteen absoloutely anything is such a relief to teenagers especially ones who aren't fortunate enough to get the right facts and not what they hear from so and so.
However, best of all, you know that when there's no one to turn to and you have a problem regardless of however small or big it might be, whether you guys have the answer or not you ALWAYS help any way you can.

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I'm a seventeen-year-old female. When I got my first period, I was terrified - I knew vaguely what it was, but I hadn't expected it to be so messy and gore-y. Panicking, I called my best friend, who directed me to Scarleteen. Since then I've used this site whenever I have a sex-related question.
Although I had sex-ed in school, the general consensus among sex-ed teachers seems to be "Explain the basics and show them some diagrams. Whew, thank god that's done!" As a result, kids know generally how to have sex, but they don't know how to aswer questions specific to their situation. I can't think of anyplace else where I could get answers to things I've needed to know over the past four years - scarleteen has saved me from worrying endlessly that my body is abnormal.

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(ookuotoe, I would send 5$ if I had an address to send to, but I can't register any credit card and such. so if I were given an address to send a small amount of moola to, then would so so)
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uninformed and confused
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My name is Jarek and I'm 14 years old and live in Ellensburg Washington. I first came here because I hadnt ever had a sex-ed class, and had a lot of questions on my mind because my girlfriend and I are starting to explore. We plan on saving sex for marriage, but we do some other things, if you know what I mean. I just had a bunch of questions and things I had never heard about before, so I thought I'd search out a site where I could ask. I'm glad I found this site because now I know a lot more about sex and that I really do need to be careful about things like STI's. It has made me more aware of the dangers of just doing what is fun. Thanks for being there and having friendly replies!

Practice random acts of intelligence, and senseless acts of self control.

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oOo Lea oOo
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I'd be glad to help out! This site is wonderful. I don't know what I would do without it, honestly. I am 20 years old, and from Winchester, Virginia. When I first came to this site I was experiencing severe depression. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder for several years, and I am a rape survivor.

My main purpose for visiting this site was to find a way for myself to cope with what had happened to me. I could never really talk about being raped to anyone, but keeping it all inside was driving me crazy. . . So, one day at work I had a break down and cried. I got online hoping to find a site of rape survivors teling thier stories and maybe I would find away to cope with this. It was then that I fould Scarleteen. Since that day, My life has drasitcally changed. Everyone on this site has showed me that It wouldnt be easy for me, but if I took small steps, I could beat this. I could get past it. And I did.
Now, I visit this site every day. I post on this site quite often. I know if I have a question about anything, I can rely on my friends here at Scarleteen to help me find the answers I need, and If I am feeling down and hopeless, I know that everyone at Scarleteen will be there for me to fall back upon, and when I need it, their words and advice will help me find my way back to my feet.
Another thing that is wonderful, is that you can interact with other people. You can read posts written about similar problems or topics, and it gives you a sense that you are not alone in how you feel. I know it makes me feel incredible when I read a post someone else has written about a similar topic, especially rape, and I can type a reply and help them in some way. It is amazing. And so are the people who are part of this site. Thanks guys!

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And the guilt and the pain
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Has sealed your fate.
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Okay ... My turn ... Before i forget again [Wink]

My name is Hollie and i'm 22 (as of thursday LOL) ... I'm from Belleville Ontario.

when and why you first came to Scarleteen, what you needed/were looking for

I've been here since i was 15 or 16. I'm not sure what i was looking for when i found this place ... I know that i was a pain in the butt when i first started, but within a year or so i was made an Advocate and i was SO excited. I'd been answering questions (instead of making a pain of myself) for a while and to be noticed as 'helpful', ... i was ecstatic. I was going through a very rough time in my life (depression, moving, changing schools, having a hard time making friends, etc) and ST was a nice place to get away.

what you feel is unique about Scarleteen
There are many many things unique about ST ... One thing is the level at which it is moderated. It appears that there is always at least one mod on at all times, ready, willing and able to answer questions. Questions are answered ASAP by peers. No one is made to feel stupid for not knowing anything ... It is never expected that even the mods know everything, and mods are supported in answering questions and seeking information needed to answer questions.

why you stick around
I stick around because i freaking love it here. I love talking about sex, i love health teaching, and i love being in an environment where people can ask these questions (and ARE asking these questions). I also find that i learn things here too, ... If i don't know an answer to a question, i have to look it up, and THAT makes ME smarter in the long run too [Wink]

how we've helped you out
Once upon a time, i had many many questions answered ... and much support given for the times i was going through my depression and move from city to city. Since then, i became and advocate and then sexpert, and being given more responsibility has helped me grow ... It helped me find that i really love helping people and that i needed to look towards a 'helping' profession. And i have. I will graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (with honours!) in June, and officially be a Registered Nurse by the end of the summer. I thank ST for much of that.

how what we do here has changed things for you
What we do, as staff, has changed my outlook on sex education ... In my own country and others. I look back on my own sex education and can see quite clearly just how inadequate it was. Though i was lucky to have a parent to answer questions for me, and to have found this site, not all teens have that opportunity. I would love to use my degree and be a (formal) sex educator some day, and maybe even improve our sex education programs here.

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Hi I am Aarthi from India 23 years old. I came across this site through a link and believe me after I went through this site there's been no looking back. I have never had sex education in my life(In fact the firs question I asked scarleteen was whether I would ge pregnant if a guy put his arm around me while we were dressed and standing...So that shold tell you how much of sex education i had before scarleteen happened..)

But now I know everything from STI'S to sex to emergency contraception to a gyanc visit and that has all been thanks to scarleteen...I am really glad to be a part of this forum..In fact I feel I am part of a family, a family that's always there to hear me out...

Thanks Miz Scarlet and thanks scarleteen


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Sex advice and info and sites are now quite popular (I think, savage love, etc.) However, before Scarleteen I had not found a site that focused on teen issues specifically while also being willing to go into the knitty gritty of sex. I appreciate Scarleteen because it recognizes that teens are capable of being responsible people who deserve to learn about sex in an intelligent way just as much as some frustrated, older couple. Also I think Scarleteen is part of several sources working to increase this generations comfort with open dialogue on sexual issues, something important for comfort and mutual respect in relationships, I believe.
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Although it's probably already been said, I'm going to add my impression of Scarleteen anyway. [Smile]
Coming from South-East England, where the whole issue of sex, especailly for teenagers, seems to be something you cant openly talk about, i came to Scarleteen seeking to find out whether I was "wrong" in being bisexual, and coming from a high school that seems full of homophobes, it was amazing to find a group of people who didnt treat any form of sexual orientation amongst young people as taboo, but as something that can be talked about in a mature way. It's also a place where you can ask all the so-called "yukky" questions that its hard to ask anywhere else.
And, seriously, without Scarleteen I think i'd be in big trouble, as much trouble as total ignorance on STIs, contraceptives and sexual orientation can cause.
[Smile] Done. Go Scarleteen..young people need yew.

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When I first came to Scarleteen, I was confused, uninformed, and terrified after contracting an STI. I was only 18 years old and had only one sexual partner. I was dizzy with questions, and I couldn't talk to anyone about what I was going through. The intelligent volunteers and experts at Scarleteen not only shed light on the STI and the treatment available, but lent a caring, informative, and thoughtful hand so that I might recover from the resulting emotional trauma.

Scarleteen is a venue that promotes healthy self-image, a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy sex life. I can think of no other site that could be a better safe haven for teens all over the world.

Thank you, Scarleteen Staff, for changing my life, and the lives of many other teens, for the better. [Smile]

"Sex without love is an empty experience, but as empty experiences go, it's one of the best."
-Woody Allen

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this is LOVEE
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helloo. i'm fourteen years old and I live in new jersey. i feel kind of young here, because everyone is like 16 or older, but thats okayy. =]
anyway, i came to this site because I'd heard about it before. i felt like i needed somewhere to ask questions (that i'd feel uncomfortable asking my mom or a friend) without being judged, since this site is anonymous. this website also offers so much helpful information and advice. =)

hope that helped<3

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I'm 16 and from the UK and have been signed in to scarleteen for about a year, i first found the site during a sexual problem search and have visited and posted ever since, the site has helped me further understand my own sexualality and the sexualality of other's, it has helped answer my own sexual questions and has boosted my own confidence, the site is unique because some of the posts may be embarrissing to tell a friend or family, here u are helped without all the embarrisment, THANK YOU SCARLETEEN!!! and THANK YOU MIZ SCARLET!!!
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I'm 16 years old from Dagenham , Esex UK. I first came on here with questions about the pill im on , I was sexually abused and raped as a child and quite shy, so I looked on some of the articles written like safer sex kits, how to use a condoms on the rag and even some written about first time sex etc. It really made me change the was i look at my body and my outlook on sex a great deal- although attitudes do not change overnight - i am working on it. When I think of before i did'nt respect my body enough to even touch myself ... now I can! I am more positive about saying no to guys if need be whereas before i was scared to... now I am in a stable relationship and Scarleteen has really taught me that safe sex IS sexy and that no matter who are, where you are it is an important thing to be clued up about. So THANKS Scarleteen : you truely do a wonderful job

<3 xx <3

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the firework days
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I'm a 21 year old female who has been coming to for four years now anytime I've had a question or concern. Scarleteen offers information that allows young people to understand their options in birth control, sexual intercourse of all types, and the role of their self esteem and personal choices in all sexual issues. From the time when I was considering sex to now when I'm curious about alternatives in feminine hygiene, Scarleteen has been there to give me unbiased answers thata allow me to make my own choices. The beauty of the site is its capacity as a hub of peer commentary, physiological information, sexual health reporting, and fostering of individual opinions and values.

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I'm an 18 year old female who first discovered Scarleteen about two years ago. I came here for some help and advice on relationship problems. Thanks to the kind words and sound advice I received, I've been much happier in regards to my relationship problems. It's comforting to know that there are people who are willing to offer help about are things you didn't want to talk about and are, most importantly, not judgmental. This site offers everything - emotional support in all aspects and advice about issues such as sexuality.

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I'm a 21 year old young lady who stumbled upon Scarleteen by accident about 4 years ago. It looked pretty interesting especially since it was geared toward giving teens advice on sex and relationships. I've also received great advice which I've taken to heart and I am glad that I found this site. I've been visiting ever since then and although I can't remember what it is I was actually looking for, I don't regret finding Scarleteen!

Diamonds R Forever!

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I'm 15 and I searched far and wide for advice to help me with my problem. I came across Scarleteen last month and It was the answer to my prayers (if i prayed).
I was starting to come to the conclusion that I was a Lesbian, but I came to Scarleteen for some advice about this, and on how to come out to my parents. I have told my parents now, but have yet to tell my friends. I am so happy that I found Scarleteen and I'd like to thank all the staff, especially Heather (Miz Scarlet).

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I'm 13 and I've only been on scarleteen for a few days.
Lately I had been wanting a place where I could go and know more about sex. I like scarleteen because it doesn't beat around the bush and it gives you more info than most websites. Also on the forum you can get advice and not worry about people judging you, since your all exploring your sexuality together.
YOu may say why didn't you go somewhere else but for a thirteen year old (and I would call myself pretty mature) it's really hard. My mother would feel that I'm too young and I don't have many friends. THe two friends I do have know little to nothing and I love them but they're a bit immature. I can't really hold a conversation with them that would be this serious.
SO, as a result I looked for somewhere where I could be properly informed and unhindered by what other people will think.
Also for the past 1 1/2 years I have been exploring masturbation. As a 11 year old at the time I felt very ashamed and very alone. is a place where I can be me. WHere in other situations I feel like I'm put in my place or looked down upon. It's great to know theres a place where I'm not "malnurished." But here at scarleteen I'm part of a feast,a buffet where seconds, thirds, and fourths are encouraged!

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I am an 18-year-old young woman, feminist, and sex educator.

I first happened across Scarleteen when I was 14 and questioning my sexuality. I loved how informative and engaging the articles were, and the way that the forums were so well-moderated and were supportive and comfortable places to ask questions.

Over the past few years, I have definitely passed on lots of information I got from Scarleteen (and recommended the site!) to dozens of acquaintances. Doing this eventually made me realize that I wanted to do more formal sex education, so I joined an internship to be a peer educator. I really liked doing peer education, but I found that the program I was in didn't measure up to Scarleteen. People tended to be less well informed, more heterosexist, etc. I knew that things could be done better, and told someone who worked at a young women's leadership development organization about how I thought sex education should be done, and the organization offered me a position teaching a sex education class! Now I'm thinking of going into sex education reform and advocacy for a job, and I don't know if I'd be doing this if I hadn't had Scarleteen as a model of positive sexuality education.

I stay on the boards because I like seeing what's on people's minds and helping people and sometimes I even learn something new!

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my friend told me about this site and i got the wrong impression at first on how she talked about it but then when i did check it out and read all those articles, talks etc. i find it really helpful to teenagers right these days. it really is. it's awesome to know that certain people are really willing to help others and even find their stories or problems real interesting. and by this you can be really open on sharing personal things about you and at the same time asking for advises. This is absolutely a realistic site.!


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I am a 19 years-old girl from Canada and came across Scarleteen one day when I was looking on the net. I have never had sex education in my life except for one time ( I was about 9) when I got one hour of theory from a teacher about puberty. But other than that I've never had an opportunity to lear about sex in school. Maybe biology class a little when we talked about STD but other than that no. So I had many questions in my mind which I was not really at ease asking my family and there were things I wanted to know about which I was too afraid to ask. I had a problem with a boyfriend who was pressuring me into sex and didn't know want to do about it because I really loved him. Scarleteen helped me through that. They helped me determine what my feeling towards him really were and find out that it wasn't an healthy relationship. I eventually broke up with the guy. If Scarleteen wouldn't have been here maybe I would have been raped who knows because the guy eventually wanted to go there if we look at how he was behaving. A good thing about the people here is that they help you by suggesting things to you, by helping you find a solution they don't tell you want to do. And they can help you on almost anything from sexual health to general health. And they knows what they are talking about whether it is because they have been there or because they have studied it. It's not like other forums where you talk to people who doesn't know more than you and just give you bad advice. You feel like it's not worth posting. And also, here when I have a question I get an answer really quickly, not in a week or two. So I overall think Scarleteen is an amazing site and that is really helps people.

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I've already given my testimonial somewhere else on the site, but there's something else I wanted to add...

The people here are AMAZING! They're so attentive. Before, I had posted a couple of questions on another site that had a section for help of this sort, and it was pretty much abandoned. I would get an answer around a month later or so. When I came to scarleteen, I was worried this would be the case. In my first post, just in case, I said I needed answers "ASAP". I didn't think they'd take me so seriously! I was answered in about an hour, even if it was already past midnight where I live. I was amazed at the service! It's hard work to have jobs and social lives and still answer posts on a site practically on a 24/7 schedual [Smile] . You're all amazing.

I've learned so much here. I can correct my friends when they have missconceptions about sex now! Before I came here, as an example, I thought you could tell just by looking at someone if they had an STD; I didn't know flavoured condoms are not recommended for vaginal sex; I barely knew my own anatomy. The list goes on. It's so incredible to find somewhere where you can talk about tabboo things without a fear of being judged, where people can talk about it as easily as talking about what to eat for breakfast. Keep it up!

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what first brought me to scarleteen was a question i had about ejaculation. i nearly hated myself for wanting to ask the question, and i didnt have the audacity to ask my mom or even my doctor. i posted a topic, not expecting a reply, but just a few hours later, i came back (i swear to god i have OCD) and i saw a post. i was still pretty down and out and i expected it to be a nosy teen thinking he knows what hes talking about; but in reality, what i got was a very nice reply with the utmost honesty that i was looking for. the one thing that i like the most about this site is that sugar-coating the truth is not an option (in my case, anyway, and what i've read)
that was about two years ago. since then, ive posted countless (although im sure the server is counting) topics about random things that popped up about sex or genitals that i once thought were harmful, but ended up being completely in the realm of normality. if it wasnt for the staff here at scarleteen, i would have been kicked out of my doctors office for meaningless visits that could be answered with a phonecall. but that wouldnt be anonymous. but with scarleteen, it is. and i wouldnt have it any other way. i know people say this and may not mean it, but without scarleteen, i dont know where i'd be. i would be stuck in a corner in my room trying to rid myself of my genitals from misunderstanding. i will never forget this site, the staff, and what you've all done for me. i try to spread the word. i gave a speech in school about HIV/AIDs and i not only quoted you, but referred you all to the class, so i hope that generated some traffic. FYI, i dont promote anything i dont agree with; kudos directly to Heather Corinna; i'd like to send a sincere personal thanks for your creation that is helping the teens of this generation cope with our risks for being sexually active. most of our parents wouldnt do it, so i thank you for educating the lot of us.

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I'm a sixteen year old male from the D.C. area. Honestly, the schools can't teach sex ed. A majority of the class is too immature to handle the topic, and their not allowed to actually go into most of the stuff that is important. That, and they have barely any training in the field. I came to this site because when i started becoming sexually active with my first and current (1.5 years, woot!) girlfriend, i kinda started freaking out about health risks, and condoms, and everything they can't really teach in school. That, and i have two problems in finding other reliable girlfriend's parents would freak if they knew, so therefore, mine cannot know because of the risk...and i don't have a car to get to the doctors frequently. I didn't become a member until I started having problems due to my anti depressants, however low the dose was. This perhaps saved my physical relationship with my girlfriend, and I haven't yet thanked you for it. So thank you, and tis time to find out if my neurologist will let me skip the meds occasionally...

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I am 20 yrs old, I've been coming to this site for a couple years now, I think. This site has given me more Info than I could ask for.. I came to this site after tripping upon it from a google search. I found I could come here and ask questions I believe I could never ask my mother or any of my friends, And the answers I've gotten back have been much more correct than anything I would have gotten out of Friends or Family.

I do have to say that I am very greatful that I found this site when I did.. I owe a lot to the people that keep this site up and running and care about Us, The ones that need the right infermation.

Thank You So much!


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