All Girl Army

Created by the founder and editor of Scarleteen, the All Girl Army is:

• A blogger collective of no more than 29 women between the ages of 10 and 25, who identify as feminist chosen via an application process based on their desire to create and nurture women's community, explore feminist issues and their own lives in context via writing and discussion.

• An umbrella collective of women of all ages, working to help support, mentor and strengthen young women and girls and their relationships with each other, to bridge gaps between older feminists and younger feminists, and to provide and enjoy women-centered space.

• A network of resources, projects and support intended to empower young women and girls, however they define their own feminism, and to support them in proactively exploring feminism and women's issues both through their own unique lens and experiences, and via the collective lenses and experiences of other women.

• An advocacy organization which considers feminism and the rights, equality, connectivity and empowerment of all women a vital and inarguable necessity.

What's our goal?

• To increase visibility and self-representation of young women: of their/your lives, ideas, goals, achievements and struggles: to counteract lookism and the media's representation of young women with real voices, unscripted words and real lives.

• To help foster a supportive, creative and proactive women's community, and nurture relationships and discussion among women of all ages; to help young women develop their/your feminism and autonomy via women's community, and discover that other women are allies and sisters, not competition.

• To create and sustain a collective board of feminist women of all ages to manage the site, with a majority vote in decisions given to women under 25; to provide experience for young women in creating, organizing and managing community, advocacy and support for women.

• To provide mentorship for young women to learn skills they're/you're interested in.

• To provide a visible exploration and examination of feminism, of growing up female, by and for young women.

• To show the world the hearts and minds of a whole lot of seriously awesome young women, and to give others, young and old, the chance to be as inspired by all of them/you as we are.