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For me, junk food *does* work as self care. It's more about eating what I feel like at the moment and genuinely spoiling every aspect of my longings than paying attention to the nutritional aspects of what i'm eating. Especially being a woman and thus being expected to at least eat healthy if I don't care about weight loss anyway. It's more about the meaning of food than its physicality.
(When I'm feeling depressed for more than a few days and don't care for proper food, I usually get to a point where I really crave vegetables and well, then I eat a wide variety of them. I just don't feel that restricting my eating habits will add anything to my wellbeing. (or, well, it will, i've tried, but in a most stressful and unhealthyly obsessive way.) - and i'm pretty sure this is not exclusively personal, but also makes sense in context of gender roles and expectations on female bodies.)