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I remember that video very clearly! And around that same day, the "educators" also told us that condoms are inefficient in preventing HIV and other STIs. They also told us that since condoms have holes that are huge on a microscopic level, there was a 50/50 chance that you would get pregnant, even if you used a condom.

And later on in the unit, they gave us cards that had a 'life story' of someone. In all of the cases, if the person had premarital sex, they ended up with an STI, and often times became infertile or died.

I left that class feeling sick with worry that when I got married and was forced to have sex with my husband, it was going to be some gross, vulgar, painful experience. (And the reason I say "forced to have sex with my husband" is because they stressed things about the wedding night so often, it seemed like a requirement.)

Thanks to Scarleteen, however, I've rid myself of my phobia of having sex! The accurate information here is incredibly helpful to teens and young adults! If you're able to donate, please do!