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I think the most poignant aspect in your whole article came in these lines:"Having a wanted, consensual sexual life is not only of the same value to us as it is to everyone else, it can also help send our hearts a clear message that no matter what others say or intimate, we are NOT damaged goods, forever cursed to be sexual objects or dysfunctional sexually or interpersonally; that no matter what happened to us, our bodies and sexualities are still absolutely our own, by our choice, within our control and for our own pleasure and joy."

THANK YOU for saying those things, especially because there is so much stigma around rape, sex, and rape's aftermath. For a long time after being raped, I felt irreversibly damaged and somehow misplaced among my peers and society's perceptions of sex and what is acceptable and what isn't. It's taken me a long time to understand and accept that sex and being intimate, as well as the level I choose for my own personal life, is my choice and this doesn't make me, or any other victim or survivor, less of an individual, partner, and woman. What happens to you in life helps shape you, but it does not define you.