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dear heather, i was sexually assaulted when i was 4 years
charges were not pressed because he was a family friend
i was later brought up in care and subsequently adopted,
my adopted brother started sexually assaulting me when i was
14 and raped me soon after. there was nothing i could do about it
my adoptive parents simply would not have believed me,
i left as soon as i realized i did not have to stay shortly after my 18th birthday.
i have always felt that there is something overtly sexual about me to attract
these encounters an am wary of men as im worried they see nothing
more about me than that. for years i did use sex as a way off getting recognition
or acceptance it took me ages to realize i was doing it.
im 35 now and have been celibate for the last 2 years,
i simply have not met anyone but maybe one day i will trust
someone again. im much more in tune with myself now
but it took a while.
thankyou for your assertive and confident article.
its very refreshing.