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Thank you, Heather. As someone who has been sexually abused from a young age... I've been listening intently to the (sometimes horrible) things people say about those who share our experiences.
When I disclosed the abuse, my mother said something along the lines of, "I'm afraid you're going to become really promiscuous or shut down towards men forever!" This was so very messed up, on so many levels. So now my sexuality, from here on out, has become only the subject of fears and nightmares? My sexuality is forever pathological? Wonderful! Just as you said in your piece... that hurt a great deal because once more, it took the ball out of my court and assigned more power to the abuse.

People feel the need to make blanket statements about all kinds of things to give it more meaning when they're uneducated. Again, thanks for this article. Rock the fuck on! \m/