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I'll respond to your second point, because it's a quick one. Sadly, "I'll make you a woman" immeadiately suggests loss of virginity to me. So that, or make up. :(

As to whether or not women can or should gain understandings of femininity from guys, sure! And remember what the person takes from this does not have to be an understanding of "traditional" gender roles, which was kinda my point about young men listening to women. If a young women gets treated with respect and equality by a guy (say a sports coach example) I think that's a really great and powerful moment for learning gender. BUT, my gut feeling is that these moments are rare, or drowned out in all the more problematic representations of gender; I think it would be more common for the sports coach to ignore the young woman.

I'm glad you liked this piece, I think it's maybe a bit rambling.