Because you make us sick, that's why.

We've had more than one cosmetic surgeon post on the Scarleteen boards endorsing labiaplasty or "vaginal rejuvenation" to the young women who read the site.

And every time, I have exactly zero guilt about simply deleting the post, and banning the surgeon posting without another word spoken. Some months back, one of these guys blogged stating he was "dissed" at the boards by having a pro-labiaplasty post removed (he also stated in his blog he wouldn't do labiaplasty on young women, which begs to why he was posting about it at a forum for teens), and criticizing our lack of open-mindedness: there is a certain rich irony in a for-profit individual unhappy about having his words cut off who is perfectly happy cutting women's genitalia.

Here's why:


we are in love and he asks me while flirting to feel comfortable with him and take off my underwears... but i have big labia due to 3 years and half flirting and focusing on that area. and i hate it ! im sure it wasn't like this before! but now im depressed i don't want him to see me like this . i don't even like looking at myself ! what if he did ? he thinks i don't trust him enough for not getting naked. we seriously think of each other and we wont have sex until we get married but there are feelings toward each other that we need to fill !! ???
what do i do to prevent stretching anymore ?! i hate it ! i hate it