Will masturbation make me infertile?

During my teens while cleaning my private parts I indulged in shaking and by doing that I got the sensation and slowly and steadily white fluid used to come out. Due to that I used to stammer a lot while speaking and my hair had become half. But I had stopped and started to recover but but still I used to do it once or twice a year. For last one year I had not done it and saw personality improvements in me. Now I am about to get married, will it have any effect in my conceiving. Please, it is very urgent.
Heather Corinna replies:

I can tell you with no reservations that masturbation did not and cannot:
• Cause hair loss
• Cause any sort of stammering or other speech impairments
• Have any effect whatsoever on your fertility

Really, it won't. It can't. If it could, more than 95% of the population would be bald, infertile and have speech problems.

Now, if you feel deeply ashamed about masturbation, or masturbating is causing you great fear and stress, then by all means, that shame, fear or anxiety COULD cause hair loss and behaviour changes.

But masturbation itself simply doesn't have that power, and doctors and sexuality experts know this to be true, and it's been proven again and again. The idea that masturbation can do things like cause blindness, hair on palms, hair loss, infertility, you name it are all ideas that came out of ignorance or shame about sexuality or masturbation. None of those things are or ever have been factual, and all of them have been disproven, study after study.

Sexual arousal, orgasm or genital stimulation are all things and parts of systems which are not connected to your hair or your speech, and that's not a matter of opinion, but of physiological fact. Same goes with your internal reproductive system: masturbation cannot impact your ovaries or the workings of your fertility cycle.

That fluid, by the by, was likely just normal vaginal discharges -- which was have whether we masturbate or not -- as well as the fluids the vagina creates with sexual arousal. You may even have ejaculated sometimes via masturbation, which is also perfectly normal. That shaking was likely simply the effects of orgasm, and those effects can and do occur with orgasm whether we have it via masturbation or via sex with a partner.

So, if you prefer not to masturbate anymore, that's just fine, and you won't be harmed by not doing so. No one needs to masturbate to be healthy physically, though plenty of people prefer to masturbate. But you also won't be harmed BY doing so, and it's something that's beneficial for a lot of people, physically and emotionally. If you drop the worry and anxiety over it, I can absolutely assure you that it will not cause you any sort of health hazards or ill effects.

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