Scarleteen E-Cards

There's a big range of interactions and relationships that can all be healthy, happy and involve love -- or like, lust, or even I-don't-know-yet-what-this-is-yet-but-it-sure-is-fun-so-far -- not just one kind of relationship. Hookups or friends with benefits, open or poly relationships, friendships, sexual monogamy, love relationships without sex, exes turned friends, and even the love relationship one has with oneself can all potentially be sweet, caring, beneficial and meaningful for the people within them.

At Scarleteen, we give information and support to young people accepting this range: in fact, we think the diversity of relationships and interactions is wonderful. We aim to help our users create healthy relationships they feel great about whatever their shape or form.

Pick a card, any card (or more than one!) -- to share with those in your life you love or like a whole lot, and want to show a little appreciation for on Valentine's Day, or any day. We put our heads together with artist-in-residence Isabella Rotman to make these cards just for you.

Speaking of showing appreciation...

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