Funny, Sexy, Informative E-Comics to Support Scarleteen!

Want to help out Scarleteen and get something nifty at the same time? Sure you do!

As Scarleteen’s Artist in Residence, I've seen the huge amount of work that Scarleteen staff and volunteers dedicate towards helping our users every day -- around five million of them each year! -- and on an extremely minimal budget. I want to do what I can to help, and that's why I've published two e-comics to benefit Scarleteen!

You may not have lots of cash to donate, but maybe you could spare a few bucks for an entertaining e-book and help out a wonderful organization at the same time! There are a lot of ways to talk and learn about sex and relationships, and comics are no exception. Take a moment to look over both of these e-books to see if either, or both, strike your fancy!

awkward sex comic

Awkward Sex Comics

Compiled and edited by Isabella Rotman

Awkward Sex Comics is a comics anthology of short stories regarding sex, sexuality, and the often-awkward nature of them both. Awkward Sex Comics was created by Isabella Rotman as a fundraiser for Over 20 talented cartoonists created and contributed stories that are funny, sexy, intimate, dark, and frequently more relatable than we may be comfortable to admit. 100% of proceeds from this book (both print and digital copies) are gifted directly to Scarleteen, to be used to create publish new static content, continue all our direct services, and offer something resembling a living wage to Scarleteen staff!

Disclaimer: All content and ideas expressed in Awkward Sex Comics are that of the original artists and were not chosen by, nor do they represent views held by Scarleteen. Additionally, although the title suggests that this is a comic of lighthearted awkward stories (and many of these stories are) this anthology also contains some short stories that include explicit sex or violence.

Contributors Include: Amara Leipzig, Carter Lodwick, E. Woodbury Rand,  Erika Moen, Charlotte Cha, Darick Maasen, Gina Wyndbrant, Grant Reynolds, Isabella Rotman, Jamie Davida Lee, Jeffrey Brown, Julie Pawlik and Michelle Parker Dead City and Skargarden, Jillian Fleck, Kira Kira, Lena H. Chandhok, Liz Prince, Megan Archer, Sheika Lugtu and Sydney Southard

For links to contributor websites, sample pages, and an opportunity to buy a printed book, follow this link!

You’re so Sexy When You Aren’t Transmitting STIs

By Isabella Rotman

so sexyYou're So Sexy When You Aren't Transmitting STIs is a comprehensive comic guide to sexual health. The book uses humor and a comic book format to reach out to adults and young adults about their sexual health, especially members of the LGBTQ community who often have difficulty finding relevant sexual health resources. Sit back and let Safer Sex Superhero Captain Buzzkill take you on a tour of the following topics:

  • An introduction to Sexual Health
  • Lets Talk About It (how to talk about sex and the importance of consent)
  • Get Tested
  • Other People's Bodily Fluids (how to protect yourself from STIs)
  • Some of Us Need Contraception (how to avoid pregnancy)
  • Check Yourself Out (a guide to testicular exams and breast exams)
  • Here are Some STIs (Brief information on common sexually transmitted infections)
  • Mystery in your underpants (Brief information on other genital infections)

I made this book in collaboration with the Health Center at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

75% of all e-book sales are gifted directly to Scarleteen! For more information on You're so Sexy When You Aren't Transmitting STIs, follow this link!

Thank you so much for looking over these books and taking the time to support Scarleteen!


Isabella Rotman