Breast Implants on the Rise, Despite Risks

I'll be honest: I don't approve of cosmetic surgery. I think it's incredibly important to love and accept our bodies for what they are, and to extend that acceptance to everyone's body. To my mind, surgically altering your body solely for cosmetic reasons is neither loving nor accepting.


Teen breast implants have become an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery within the last few years. According to statistics, the number of women under the age of 18 who underwent teen breast implants surgery more than tripled between 1992 and 2002. In 2002 alone 3,095 girls underwent a teen breast implants procedure, compared to 3,841 girls in 2003 who received teen breast implants. This is 24 percent increase in the number of girls who seek teen breast implants. --Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Resource

For the record, the FDA has age limits on both saline (minimum of 18 years of age) and silicone (minimum of 22 years of age) implants.

Given the above, I was very interested when I read one woman's reasons for wanting her implants out and how her implants actually made her sick.

For more information on implants, including the risks and side effects, Breast Implant Info has several factsheets and Our Bodies, Ourselves has a wonderful collection of links.

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bodies have different shapes and sizes. that is what is different about each one of us. we are made the way we are. but many try to "make' them look the same as the celebrities. it ruins the natural look. moreover, they are harmful over the years. anything that is not part of nature will always harm. so be what you are. however, regular exercise, proper diet and habits plus positive thinking helps improve our charm naturally. try it. it will work for all.

While I do generally agree with this, I stumbled upon a YouTube video the other day and it was this vlogger who was speaking about her own cosmetic surgery. What basically happened was when she was younger, she had torn something due to excessive dance practice on one of her hips, because of this she needed surgery and after that, for some reason the fat around that hip remained even though the rest of her body changed as she lost weight, etc. So therefore, she had one hip that stuck out quite prominently and it wasn't because she was 'born that way'. So when she went to get a breast implant (which was genuinely due to her insecurities) she also got some liposuction on this hip to make them even again, and I was actually very understanding with the latter and did not think this was because she was unable to accept her body - when it wasn't something she herself was born with or was originally part of her. You can argue that due to certain circumstances things change and your body handles those things in certain ways and it is of course still important to be prepared to accept and love yourself regardless, but when something like this happens and it can be fixed, is it really that superficial as simply getting a breast implant? What is your stance on this? It struck me because I have quite strong views but every now and then I find that there are some grey areas where my opinions change.

Nancie, 18