How safe (free from danger & harm) do you feel identifying your gender around people of a different gender?

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I find this hard to answer. For me it depends entirely on the attitudes of the people I am around. For example. Being around other women who are grossed out that I don't shave my legs or armpits makes me feel really crappy. Unless I am entirely misunderstanding the question. Which I might be...

When we say "safe" or safety" we're talking about being free from danger or the risk of harm of some kind: physical or emotional.

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Ok, thanks.

I am a transman and most of the time I tell people I am male. It is the truth so I see no reason otherwise, I feel perfectly comfortable in doing so. Most people use visual markers for these assumptions and so never ask at all. Though, in certain situations, there are people who ask me to neame my gender because they are uneasy not being able to tell and even though I give them my honest and comfortable answer there is still a small part of the back of my brain which wonders at what the person in front of me would do if they knew of my biological sex. For me, and many like myself, this is a constant fear that has been reinforced amny times throught life.

I am genderqueer, female assigned at birth and presenting as mostly male. I don't fear physical harm in most situations, but there is a very real social threat in my school and work environment, and a at the very least perceived emotional threat when it comes to trusting people with the truth about myself regarding gender. There have been extremely hurtful reactions, which make me rather wary about being open - especially towards cis men. Again: I don't fear physical harm, here, but I do fear heavy and hurtful social and emotional repercussions.

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