Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee on AIDS

Mike Huckabee has recently been taken to task for his positions on the transmission and treatment of AIDS. He "...advocated "isolating" people with HIV back in '92 and opposed increasing funding for AIDS research, years after we knew that HIV wasn't transmitted through casual contact." [It should be noted that the photo in that link has obviously been altered.] Watch his interview on FOX News to hear his current position on that statement.

Despite Huckabee's claims, his position on AIDS and HIV was not appropriate back then. As early as 1983 the CDC was stating that casual transmission did not occur. In 1985 and 1986 the Ryan White legal battle attracted huge amounts of public attention, so it seems unbelievable that Huckabee was not more educated about HIV and AIDS by 1992. What we have here is a man willing to ignore science when it conflicts with his political agenda.

Huckabee's record on AIDs as governor of Arkansas does not cast him in a more favorable light. With more than a million people living with HIV in the US, the last thing we need is a president who refuses to get educated about the disease or fund prevention and treatment programs.

The Associated Press originally brought this to light. More video can be found here. If you want some real information about HIV and AIDS we've got you covered:
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Yep. I covered this at OBOS, too - a 1986 Surgeon General's report very clearly stated "Quarantine has no role in the management of AIDS." I expect politicians to do their homework and actually be informed before advocating the isolation of people.

Does anyone have video/transcript of his statements in 1992?

I hate people like him.