Have you experienced jealousy while in a relationship (including with friends)?

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We have been having more users really struggling with jealousy. If it's something you've felt and feel you have been able to manage well, it'd be fantastic if you'd be willing to comment and share on what's worked for you as it might help someone else out. Thanks! :)

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Every once in a while I get jealous when my boyfriend spends lots of time with other people, especially girls. Mostly it stems from a suspicion that if he gets to know other girls (who always seem to be prettier than me) he'll realize how easily he could date someone better than me.

What helps is first and foremost working on my self esteem, so I can see myself as someone who IS worth dating. I am pretty and smart, and have many other qualities that he loves. Just as I feel incredibly lucky to be dating him, he's also lucky to have me (but I don't think this in a cocky way).

The second thing is just paying attention to what he does and says when we're together. He compliments me, calls me beautiful, cooks, and always pays attention when I'm speaking. Plus it's not hard to tell that when other girls are around, he's just not that interested. So I try really hard to focus on how good it is that he's making friends and having a good time, even when I'm not around.

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