Presidential Candidates: Abstinence-only or Comprehensive Sex Ed?

At this point I feel it's redundant to point out that abstinence-only sex ed is ineffective. Nevertheless, several of the folks who want to lead this country are still in favor of it or something called "abstinence-plus" education. (Abstinence-plus does offer a more balanced approach to sex ed, but puts a premium on abstinence rather than making informed, well thought out decisions.)

The Human Rights Campaign sent out a survey to the Democratic candidates but Women's eNews and RH Reality Check both go into more detail about the candidates (including the Republican candidates) stances. The short version: Giuliani is the only Republican with a strong record of being pro-comprehensive ed but now even he's waffling and mostly trying to avoid the subject. The Democratic candidates are much stronger with all of those surveyed in favor of some degree of comprehensive education. Clinton, Kucinich, and Obama have all taken it a step further and have each actively pursued quality sex ed in one way or another.

There's a lot that goes into deciding who's earned your vote but I think this is an important issue. Many states are having early primaries this year and it would be grand to send a clear message that young adults will not support someone who denies us basic education and information.