Brand. New. S.E.X. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I couldn't be more excited to tell you that the brand, spankin' new edition of Scarleteen's long-popular sex, sexuality, sexual health and relationships guide, S.E.X.,(2007 & 2016, DaCapo Press/Perseus Books) is coming to bookstores everywhere this week!

Me right now:

(Told you I couldn't be more excited.)

What's new in the new edition?

It's even bigger:
  • It's got around 125 more pages than the first edition (and without costing more than a buck extra from the last edition).
More importantly, it's even better:

It's got all of what everyone loved about the first edition, and:

  • is now written in a completely gender-neutral way, and includes more content than the last time specifically for trans or otherwise gender-noncomforming readers
  • has a new chapter to help you sort through what you hear and see when it comes to sex from friends, family and media, including sexual media like pornography, and how to find what you think, want and feel for yourself
  • includes our popular Yes, No, Maybe list from the website, and an adapted version of the Klein Grid better suited to young people
  • has new content about sorting out and managing cultural conflicts with sexuality, sex or relationships
  • has updated information on birth control methods, abortion and sexual health, including STIs
  • has new information about making choices with relationship models, including figuring out if you want open relationships, closed relationships or something in between
  • has updated information on sex and the law, including a new guide with the basics of what to do (and what not to do) should you ever find yourself involved with the justice system
  • has new or expanded content about navigating dating or sex when technology is involved, how to get great at consent, help and support for abuse or assault survivors, and a guide to bystander intervention so we can all help better prevent or stop abuse or assault
  • has a new foreword by Judy Norsigian and Wendy Sanford (SQUEEEE!), co-founders of Our Bodies, Ourselves, and brand new illustrations from the ever-talented Isabella Rotman

s.e.x. cover, second editionConsidered by many to be the sex and relationships book for young people, S.E.X. truly leaves no stone unturned. I have the undereye bags to prove it.

This 2007 Lambda Literary Award nominee covers everything from STIs to sexual orientation, body image to birth control, masturbation to media to misogyny, the anatomy of the clitoris to considering cohabitation. It's written for readers of all gender identities and sexual orientations; for those who aren't sexually active and those who are. It may just be the one everything-you-need, comprehensive, no-judgment sexuality and relationships guide to help you get you through -- and gasp: even enjoy! -- your teens and twenties.

Complete guides to making sexual choices, consent, figuring out working relationship models, gender and sexual identity, sexual media literacy, birth control methods, reproductive options for unplanned pregnancy, safer sex practice and sexual activities, sexual anatomy that's about pleasure, not just reproduction, sexual response and sexual healthcare are all included, tailored specifically to the expressed wants and needs of teens and emerging adults we hear from every day and have for nearly 20 years now.

S.E.X. doesn't ever presume there is one right set of choices for all young people, nor does it aim to tell you what to do: it aims to give you information, help and support to make YOU the expert, so that you can sort and spell out  the right, informed choices for you, and your life, uniquely.

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