So far, so great!

It's been an incredibly excellent week for myself, Scarleteen, and -- in my opinion -- the world at large.

We have the first woman speaker of the House in history -- now democratic -- today, the fantastic, feminist Nancy Pelosi.

We're THIS close to a democratic Senate win, and Dems dominate the Governors. We now have 82 women -- 82 women! -- in the Senate.

The South Dakota abortion ban was overturned (thanks, SD voters, for turning out in record numbers!), and prop 85 also didn't pass.

Our government now has 20 more pro-choice members of the House.

Myself and my fellow plaintiffs in the ACLU case against the Child Online Protection Act, a policy which could put our ability to provide teens with sexuality information, kicked absolute butt in our federal trial last week.

And if that wasn't great enough, pre-ordering has started for my upcoming book -- S.E.X. (Spelling Out All You Need to Know about Your Sexuality) -- the only fully gender and orientation-inclusive young adult sexuality guide I know of! After a six year journey to write, edit and find a publisher brave enough to champion the book, it's so incredibly exciting to be this close to the finish line.

It's not often lately we get to have this sort of a banner week at Scarleteen. Let's celebrate!