oversensitivity makes it hard to orgasm?

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oversensitivity makes it hard to orgasm?

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Getting overstimulated quickly makes it very hard to orgasm. I (18, afab) have been having quite a lot of sex with my partner (also 18 afab). while its certainly good i also get overstimulated rather quickly at which point everything just becomes painful instead of fun. My partner knows to take it slow and that i prefer internal stimulation rather than on my clit, but i was wondering if there was any other tips on how to circumvent this problem?
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Re: oversensitivity makes it hard to orgasm?

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Hi Jude,

So, you're already doing two of the main things we recommend, which are actively communicating with your partner and experimenting with different ways of keeping your stimulation in the comfortable rather than painful end of things.

When it comes to other things to try, would you say the oversensitivity is mainly about your clitoris? Or are you noticing it happening in other body parts during sex as well?
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