Pregnancy scare/anxiety

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Pregnancy scare/anxiety

Unread post by hannn03 »

Hello. I was introduced to this platform by a close friend, and I apologize beforehand if my explanation is kinda difficult to understand. My boyfriend and I were getting intimate during my ovulation period as was shown on my tracking app. I was touching his joggers and planning to pull them down when I figured that I want to clean my private area. So immediately I went to splash water onto it and used the same fingers that I just used to touch his joggers to rub the outside of my genital area. I did not clean or wipe my hands before doing these things. Later on, I discovered that there were around 1-2 thumb-sized wet spots on my boyfriend's joggers due to his pre-ejaculate being leaked out. Not much but still there was some.
I know it's very dumb but now I'm anxious since I cannot remember whether or not I had touched those wet spots from outside of his joggers or not. If I had touched those spots, could the liquid have led sperm to stick on my fingers and then got transferred to my private part, since there was not much time between these actions? I know that I was being too careless and even if there's no risk of pregnancy, I will still remember to clean my hands properly before touching my private area due to safety reasons. Thank you so much in advance for clarifying for me.
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Re: Pregnancy scare/anxiety

Unread post by Sam W »

Hi hannn03,

Nothing you're describing poses a risk of pregnancy. A big reason for that are that sperm are fragile and need specific conditions to have any chance of creating a pregnancy, conditions that just aren't present if they've been stuck in someone's clothes and then moved around on someone's hands. If you want more information on that, or on how pregnancy actually happens, these two pieces can help you out: Who's Afraid of Sperm Cells?, Human Reproduction: A Seafarer's Guide.
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