Sexually Harassed

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Sexually Harassed

Unread post by Jess99 »

I still remember these events. It came back when I have been healing from it.
I was sexually harassed when I was 13 years old. This all started because I said no to this guy who wanted to date me and wanted sex. He started sexually harassing me in my Civics class. He would say disgusting things. He asked me inappropriate questions that my fiance doesn't inquire about.
This guy would say my p***y and breasts stink. Then he would show controlling traits when we weren't dating. He did ask when I was fertile, how many days I had my period, and when my period came. I was appalled by this, I didn't respond. I wanted to say something, but I froze and became silent. My second ex sexually harassed me before he did sexually coerce and assaulted me. I used this sexual harassment experience to help me with my second ex although there were different guys.

I still can feel my 13-year-old self. I was doing my best to be composed, but I questioned myself. I thought I did anything wrong. I shit these down. I know what these guys did was wrong. I have received counseling for both.

I may not understand why this guy asked inappropriate and sensitive questions. I know where his thoughts were indicating what he was inquiring— he had some disgusting thoughts. My friends at the time thought he had a rape thing. I'll never know. I don't get these people who have to put these people through violence to get their way.
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Re: Sexually Harassed

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Hi Jess99,

Even if it's part of the healing process, having memories of abuse surface can be so rough. I do think it's sound to keep exploring those feelings with the counselor, including processing the reasons why people make choices to abuse others (if your therapist thinks that's a beneficial way to take the conversation).
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