What brings you euphoria? A question for all!

Questions and discussions about gender, gender roles and identity.
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What brings you euphoria? A question for all!

Unread post by valerie4 »

When talking about gender expression, especially in the trans commmunity, the topic of dysphoria often becomes front and centered. While dysphoria is an important topic and needed conversation, it can leave little room for conversations of euphoria. Recently, I gave a presentation with another trans friend about gender identity and we asked the class what brings them gender euphoria and how do they define their own gender experience. We found that for our cisgender classmates this is a hard but important question to try to find the answer to. One of the best ways to be an ally to the trans community is to interrogate the ways gender shows up in your own life so we thought it was an important question to ask.

Everyone has gender euphoria; it is not a concept unique to the trans community. We all express our gender and internal identities externally in some capacity. Euphoria is focusing on those parts of expression that bring you joy.

So I've come to the boards to ask the same question and focus on the positives of people's experiences: What brings you euphoria in your own self expression?

For me, there are many things. My hair, as a site of expression and regrowth into something new is euphoria to me. Currently, my hair euphoria is a long-haired mullet with neon green bangs. Euphoria is adding spikes and flames to my mobility aid because my gender and disability are permanently linked. I have one large grey button down t-shirt that flows in the wind and looks amazing with any outfit I put it on. For me, that t-shirt has won the euphoric item of clothing for the month award. Euphoria is being the dad friend and mom friend at the same time.

I could endlessly write about my own euphoric experiences but I would love to hear from you all! What brings you joy in your self-expression?
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Re: What brings you euphoria? A question for all!

Unread post by Emily N »

I love this question! Living with other queer people, I have been supported in exploring my gender identity and expression the past year. I had mentioned to my housemates that I was interested in trying a different, more gender neutral name. Without even asking, one of them switched immediately and I felt so much joy in having someone open to trying it out with me. I started a new job a few weeks ago, and got really nervous beforehand about how to "dress professionally" with gender neutral clothing. I've ended up really loving wearing men's dress shirts with Doc Marten's! (But if people have suggestions for "professional" gender neutral clothing, pleaseee let me know!)
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Re: What brings you euphoria? A question for all!

Unread post by Theansweris42 »

I'm not sure if all of this applies here, I've never thought about those things are related to my gender but I wanted to share them anyway :)

First is my hairstyle, I've wanted short hair since childhood but just around a half year ago my parents allowed me that even if only because they wanted me to regret it and admit they were right. I was so happy to prove them wrong, I still remember leaving the hairdresser grinning like an idiot because of how funny and good it felt. That was also the day I took my first selfie ever :D Maybe it is only because I've received some compliments about my hair, but sometimes I'd just randomly pass a mirror and couldn't help smiling at myself, this has never happened to me before. The only problem is that my hair grow really fast and I can't afford to go to hairdresser that often and am not able to trim it myself.

Second thing I really love are my button up shirts. The first time I wore one, it took me two days to figure out why I was so happy the whole day. Now I'm a bit more careful with wearing them since for many people that in combination with my hair means automatically being into girls and some, well mostly my family, have had some not kind remarks about that. But they're still my favourite piece of clothing together with a suit I found in a second hand shop.

The other two things are a bit silly, one is that I sometimes use my dad's shower gel, I don't if it's because noone can find out and the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest or why else I'm doing it but it's just feels good to not act always like I was learned I should and for no other reason.
The last things is kind of my personal joke, when I like to occasionally botch the etiquette rules and for example hold a door for a boy when it "should be" the other way round :D
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Re: What brings you euphoria? A question for all!

Unread post by oliver-kittycat »

I'd say it's mostly just when people use my name/pronouns - I tend not to feel body dysphoria, and I really enjoy dressing fashionably, no matter if that's feminine or masculine! But being called Oliver and he/him pronouns irl really makes me happy
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