Sore clit a couple of days after masturbation

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Sore clit a couple of days after masturbation

Unread post by a.i.m.e.e636 »

I seem to have an issue that, the day after I masturbate my clit seems to hurt a lot to touch, even when wiping after going to the toilet, and it can take a couple of days to settle again. I have tried to research it but nothing had come up about it and it can get a little annoying, especially on the days before my period when my libido seems to be at its highest.

Is this a common thing or is it just something weird about my body?
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Re: Sore clit a couple of days after masturbation

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Hi, welcome to the boards! It is normal for people to experience some discomfort after masturbating, especially if it's going away within a couple of days, but there are definitely some tips to at least reduce it because of course it's not ideal. First of all, the clit is very sensitive and more so for some people than others. Make sure you're using a little lube, because friction could cause irritation, and also that you're being gentle and going at your own pace. Listen to your body. Some people prefer not to have direct contact with their clit with their fingers or a toy because it can be so sensitive and end up sore afterwards, so instead you can masturbate through your underwear, for example. If you're using a vibrating toy, your hand, or a pillow, you can still use them over clothes especially something as thin as underwear and still enjoy it without too much direct stimulation. Have you tried this or do you think you'd be willing to give it a try?
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