Birth control

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Birth control

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I see my doctor on Tuesday, and I will tell her that I'm having sex and I will also be asking for birth control. I am sure the doctor will tell me what's best for me for BC but can anybody tell me what I shouldn't get for BC? Is the pill form still the best option?
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Re: Birth control

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Hi Sunland05,

What method you choose, and which ones you should avoid, depends a lot on your specific needs and medical history. If we're talking in terms of pure effectiveness, the implant or IUD are the top methods, since they're over 99% effective even with typical use. What I suggest is going through this article and seeing which method(s) look like a good fit for you, based on things like whether you want hormonal or non-hormonal, how comfortable you are with certain procedures, and so on: Birth Control Bingo!. If you have questions about those methods you like, we're happy to talk with you about them some more.
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