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Long time no talk. I just wanna update you all and tell you that I’m stable on medication, in therapy and you’ll never guess but I have a girlfriend! We just started dating but she’s exactly what you guys said existed! She’s patient with me, she is understanding at the fact that my meds make me not really have a sex drive, she understands I have trauma regarding relationships and sexual encounters and she’s so nice about it.

I ended up in the behavioral health hospital last month I was at my like lowest and now I’m stable, the most stable I’ve ever felt and I’m happy. By the way, Incase you were wondering heather, you were right. I do have an official diagnosis of bipolar and I also have ocd and borderline personality disorder. My therapist is wonderful and my psychiatrist is incredible and I’m getting the support I need and it’s so nice. :)

Thank you for everything you’ve all done for me to get me to this point, I wouldn’t be here without you.
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Re: Update

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Hi sky,

Really good to hear that you've got the support that you need and that therapy and medication are working out for you! I'm glad that we managed to help you get to this point.
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