Penis Dilema

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Penis Dilema

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I know you guys close soon, but I wondered if you could help me with my dilemma before you go.

So I'm 18 and have a penis.

Ever since I was 13/14, I've masturbated and I'm not ashamed by that. It's great. Over my years I've noticed that the shape and size of my penis has changed. Since I masturbate with my right hand and rarely left hand my penis has curved to the left and I'm concerned about that.

I've visited my doctors about it because I thought I was developing Peyronie's disease. They only looked at my penis in its flaccid state, but they said it was nothing to worry about and that a curvature was normal during puberty.

However, when I'm erect the curvature is more noticeable and I'm worried about how that may affect my sex life down the line. Since I can't have sex until after I'm married its hard to decide what to do.

Some people say that having a curvature is great because you can reach different angles and that females like different shapes than a standalone straight penis. But, if I wait I feel like the curve will get worse and then I'll have nothing to do about it. I've read that you can have an injection that removes plaque which removes the curve, but like I said before if I don't wait until I actually have sex for the first time then I don't know what sex'll feel like with a curve. Maybe me and my partner will love it?

I don't know if I should go to my doctor again and decide to get the curve removed or if I should keep it.

I don't want to ruin my sex life and I don't want to remove masturbation from my life.

Is there anything I can do to keep the curve, but reduce it slightly?
Like, can I use my left hand or something - will that reduce the curve.

Please, any help would be great from both staff and users.


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Re: Penis Dilema

Unread post by Heather »

Hey there, Tam.

My understanding of things is that there isn't an elective surgery for penis curvature that isn't painful, and is within the "normal" (I put this in quotes because all genitals are normal, really) range of curvature. Am I out of date with that? If so, can you shoot me to what you're referring to so I can get better informed?

Curvature like yours isn't an impediment or issue with sex. Yours probably also hasn't happened because of masturbation, but just because this is the way your penis developed during puberty, and would have without masturbation, like your doctor suggested.

Sometimes, severe curves with partnersex can just mean choosing different ways of doing certain positions, a thing that's not usually a big deal. But it doesn't sound like you have even that, and otherwise, it's not likely to feel any different for you than it would without your curve. It might also help to keep in mind that the vaginal canal (the rectum, too) is *also* curved: it isn't a straight line, either.

I think the best thing you can do is accept your body and all its variations. We all have them, with so many parts, and the idea they are automatically a problem is...well, a problem, IMHO.

What do you think about all that?

(We don't ever actually close, just FYI, but when we have staff varies.)
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