Birth Process.

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Birth Process.

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I'm interested in the birth process and would like to know what exactly happens during the whole process.

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Re: Birth Process.

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Birth can look very different for different people. Labour can range from hours to days, and the process of a vaginal versus Caesarean birth can also be very different. How a person feels while giving birth can also vary depending on their support system their expectations, and/or past experiences of sexual or medical trauma. This is how a vaginal birth might look like.
1. Labour: Labour is longest stage of birth and has 3 mini stages; early, active, and transitional. During the active stage, contractions are irregular and short, a process that can last hours to days. The cervix opens up (dilates) to around 5cm Then active labour occurs, contractions become more intense and the cervix becomes completely dilated.The final stage before birth, or the transition phase, it oftentimes the most painful and exhausting, the largest part of baby's head is trying to pass through the smallest portion of the cervix.
2. Delivery: This is when a person begins to push. This is a painful process, but it can be mitigated through medications, meditation, or support from a partner, midwife, doctor, or doula. During this time, the baby's head will appear in the vaginal opening, this is known as crowning.Delivery can last from from a few minutes to an hour.
3. Afterbirth: During this stage the uterus contracts another time leading to the delivery of the placenta, a nutrient rich organ that helps the baby during pregnancy.

This is just a basic run down, if you want to know more about birth or pregnancy, maybe take a look at this article on the Scarleteen website. Pregnancy and Delivery: Super-Basic Edition: ... ic_edition
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