How to clean up after masturbation?

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How to clean up after masturbation?

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First of all, sorry for my bad English. I was wondering how do you kill sperm after masturbating. Due to the Covid-19 virus, my girlfriend had to stay at our place since her relatives are out of town and are not able to go home due to the quarantine. Her being here with me 24/7 brings up problems with my sexual activities (masturbating). The other night, before taking a bath, I did one at our bathroom. I used soap to clean my genitals and hands for 7-10 seconds then took a bath. After 13 minutes after taking a bath I hugged her and she held my hand at that point my hands were dry but I was still worried. Another thing that I'm wondering is can water carry semen? Our sink is currently broken and had to wash my hands at the shower so by doing so some water from my hands and genitals went down to my legs. The next thing that I'm gonna will probably make me look stupid for worrying about this (since im worried she'll get pregnant) and that is she is on the birth control pill. I just need some peace of mind thank you.
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Re: How to clean up after masturbation?

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Hi MigueLMichaeL,

So, sperm are not very tough, and they can't really survive outside of very specific conditions, which you can read about here: Who's Afraid of Sperm Cells?. Too, none of the scenarios you're describing actually pose a pregnancy risk. It sounds like it might be helpful to read up on how pregnancy does (and does not) happen: Human Reproduction: A Seafarer's Guide.
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