I dont feel anything in my vagina

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I dont feel anything in my vagina

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Okay so, I know i can get horny because while growing up i've always watched porn and read smutty stories and they do the thing for me, i get wet but i do not touch myself. I've tried but it just feels like im touching a part of my body. Also, im not sure if i am a lesbian or bisexual. I know I like girls but guys sometimes yes and sometimes no. I've kissed both genders and it has felt okay. But a few days ago, I have been the closest to a sexual encounter, as I was making out with this guy, and he touched my breast and then fingered me for a while after asking for permission. I liked making out with him but when he touched my vagina i felt nothing, absolutely nothing. I got more aroused by his soft fingers on my leg or my neck. Is something wrong with me? How can i start feeling down there=
Sam W
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Re: I dont feel anything in my vagina

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Hi doodlesdoo,

Let's start with the lack of intense sensation first. There's absolutely nothing wrong with you, and if you take a peek around the rest of the boards you'll see there are lots of people dealing with similar issues. When you've tried to masturbate in the past, were you focusing on a certain kind of touch, like rubbing your clitoris or inserting your fingers? And have you ever tried using thins other than your fingers, like a sex toy or even a pillow, to masturbate?

With sexual orientation, it sounds like you're experiencing attraction to multiple genders, which matches the general definition of bisexual or pansexual. Do either or both of those terms feel like they fit to you? If not, can you identify what makes them not feel like they fit?
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