I went to a nude beach

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I went to a nude beach

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Last week, I went to a nude beach with my gf and two of my friends. All my friends are AFAB so they all went topless and only one other friend joined me in full nudity.

Now, I’m not a fan of beaches. Certainly I’ll go if invited, but it’s not my thing. I can’t swim for one, I have a fear of drowning, and getting covered in sand and not being able to get it all off sucks.

Despite this, this trip to the beach was my entire idea. Just a month earlier I went to the beach for a small trip for the first time since identifying as a trans girl. I still had to present as male, though. And by god, I had dysphoria so bad it fueled me with so much spite that I planned the next beach trip with my friends and bought a trans friendly two piece (courtesy of LeoLines on Etsy seriously buy from them they’re great) and a beach skirt. The two piece came off almost immediately though, after some nervousness.

But, when I took off all my clothes and had my girlcock out and stayed like that the entire time, I felt just a wave of euphoria. It’s weird to say, I bought the two piece to make it clear I’m a trans girl, and yet I felt way more euphoric wearing nothing denoting me as feminine. I know I’ve always loved nudism and being nude with other people and specifically being one with nature nude (like a nude forest hike god I want to be a forest nymph). But, it was… so weird how euphoric I felt not presenting femininely. I don’t even have tits of my own yet. Add that on top of the fact that I felt confident as shit in my own skin and loved just exposing my girlcock and my ass to everyone, including my friends. (But like in both a non sexual and sexual way, Yknow?)

I enjoyed that trip so fucking much I desperately want to go back. I can’t swim and yet I spent two hours in the water standing and riding a boogie board and dicking around with my friends. I hate putting on sunscreen and yet I slathered that shit on me so I could go on a two hour nude walk up and down the beach with my friend. I hate sand getting everywhere and yet I lay my bare ass and legs on the wet sand so I could feel the water come up to me.

What the fuck??? Is this like a weird euphoria sexy kink thing other trans girls have??? I swear to god ever since I was a kid and even till today I just loved the idea of being comfortable enough in my skin that I’d walk around everywhere nude for everyone to see. Not to mention wanting to put in elf ears and a flower crown and nothing else and find a forest to just walk in. I swear this is a dysphoria thing.

My friends were alright with the trip and they had fun but they said the nudity didn’t add or take away anything from it. And the hike back up was hell for one of my friends it took an hour. But me??? I so absolutely fucking loved that trip I would do the that hike and walk down and up any fucking time.

Then my hips, legs, thighs, feet, and arms were sore as fuck for a few days and now my skin is peeling cause I’m sunburnt. My brown skin betrayed me.
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Re: I went to a nude beach

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Hi transfemandgay,

It sounds like you had a blast, which rocks! I think you're right that some of the euphoria is coming from the fact that you felt you could be fully in your own skin on your own terms; I suspect the longer you're out of the situation you left at home, the more experiences like this you might have where you get a rush of "I'm in the world as myself and DAMN it feels good."

Too, it sounds like the physical experience of the whole day was just plain fun and exhilarating for you. Even the fact there was a sexual component makes sense; some people do find being out in nature (especially while naked) is a turn on for them.
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