I need to ask someone about wound healing

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I need to ask someone about wound healing

Unread postby xmetalgirl » Wed Apr 21, 2021 9:31 pm

Wow I havent been on this site in forever. Brings me back a lot of memories and how grateful it is to have people to talk to. I'm
really glad this site is still up. You guys rock.
Years later, I grow older and I realize I still need to ask questions sometimes but there's no one around.

My question this time is about the body and how it heals. I did research but there still really is not a whole lot. Basically I got a couple of medium sized scrapes/wounds and one wound turned into a really hard dark red scab and the other wounds scab is like yellowish brown. All ive done since the beginning was wash with antibacterial soap, antibiotic ointment and bandaids. I sometimes get worried about the yellowish scab. I dont think its infected because its like...A scab and not really oozing or hurting too much. Its slightly red at the edges and doesnt really smell unless I keep a stupid bandaid on it. The bandaid makes it too mushy. So I'm drying it out now and its fine and not really painful at the moment. It's also hard to get to a doctor here or to even have one come to the house since it's pretty booked up over here now. I wish I could show you pictures because it doesnt really look infected...but I've never seen me have like a yellowish-brownish scab before. Is that normal? Has anyone you guhs ever had a yellowy kinda scab before?

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Re: I need to ask someone about wound healing

Unread postby Emily N » Thu Apr 22, 2021 7:40 am

Hey xmetalgirl,

I'm glad Scarleteen has been a support for you! For this question, general medical advice and scab healing is out of our scope (I'm definitely not a medical professional). It might be best to try something like the Mayo Clinic for more info. If you are really worried about it (it's painful, pus, etc), is it possible to find a telehealth appointment?

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