discreet storage and cleaning of sexy wear

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discreet storage and cleaning of sexy wear

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what's the best way to discreetly store and clean the panties and jockstrap and other clothes/gear I wear for crossdressing and sexy times, without them getting all dusty and gross? the only 100% private storage space I have in my parents home where I live is a tiny little cupboard under a wine closet sink. that works fine for sex toys and lube, but clothes can't just be shoved away in a little hole (heh), and they tend to get all tangled up and very dusty. It would definitely raise eyebrows if I just put them in the regular wash, and some are sensitive items that might need to be laundered differently. I have few to 0 opportunities to go to any local laundromat assuming there even are any open anymore, and I'd rather not go outside to one of the few open stores to get the necessary stuff to hand wash the stuff I can do that for, because pandemic. I suppose one option is ordering items online and gradually building up everything I need. So what are my options?
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Re: discreet storage and cleaning of sexy wear

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Hi bikinksterboy,

Depending on the exact layout of where you live, I can think of a few options. One would be to, if you have a dresser or something like that, keeping any clothes you'd rather people not see at the back of a drawer and/or underneath the rest of the clothes in the drawer. If you have a closet, you could also hang them up and then put another garment, like a shirt, on the same hanger so anyone looking at it will not spot the lingerie.

If the wine cubby is really the only safe place, it might be worth investing in a little bag to store things in so they don't get dusty (this would work for the sex toys too).

Cleaning the clothes is a little trickier, but if you have a closet, you might be able to clear some space at the back so you could hang something up after hand washing it. That may not be ideal, but it's better than not cleaning the clothes.
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