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Hi, I got my first period about 5 months ago but it has been very inconsistent and not at all a heavy flow. Sometimes it no flow at all its just brown discharge. Is this normal?
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Re: Periods

Unread post by Jacob »

Hi Indi!

Yep, it's very common, especially if you don't have a heavy flow for 'brown discharge' to show up.

Actually that's just what blood looks like after a while; the iron in the period oxidises and results in the brownish colour.

Lots of people also have a varied or inconsistent periods and it isn't a problem. I'd guess that as you're only a few months in it might take a while to work out what the routine is for your body and your cycle. You might actually start noticing patterns or the irregularity might settle into a more regular groove, or not. Either way there isn't one 'normal'.

Have you recorded any dates of when different parts of your cycle happened? Keeping a diary of such things can be a really useful way to start noticing what is going on!
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