Period Problems

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Period Problems

Unread post by seabreeze2 »

So I need to talk about this to someone, but I obviously need to seek medical help.

I first started having periods in the 5th grade (15 years ago at this point). I was always a medium to heavy flow and sometimes I would go either a few days early or a few days late. My period lengths (of actual bleeding) was 4 or 5 days.
I found my sexual self at age 17 (I am almost 26 this year). My first sexual partner was (and is) my current boyfriend that I have been with for almost 8 years. I have never had any sexual encounters with any other. He has only had anal sex with one other person. Sounds like a bit of a stretch in this day and age, but we are really committed to each other.
Fast forward to summer 2015. I somehow go 4 months without a period. Now, my boyfriend and I have never had sexual intercourse, or anal sex. Only oral sex. And whenever I masturbate or he fingers me, I always make it a priority to have hands washed. Why did I go 4 months without a period then? I want to say because I was sick a lot that year and there was a lot of other stressful things happening. The first period after was as expected pretty heavy. I was instructed to have a pap done, but I have not had sex, so I declined having it done.

I had regular periods, that is my regular kind, of periods thereafter. In 2017 I was finishing college and I had two jobs. During this time, my periods changed drastically. I went from 4 or 5 days to 1 to 3 days. My flow was light to spotting, and sometimes I did not experience any "pre-period" symptoms that I usually did. And my usual period symptoms (breast pain, headache, backache, fatigue) were little to none. The cycles were anywhere from 38-42 days - when normally were 28-32.
I graduated college December 2017 and went down to one job. This job was at a nursing home and due to them being very much understaffed, I had no choice but to pick up ungodly hours. On top of that, it was very stressful work. I left the job in August 2018. During 2018, my periods were the same as I had mentioned above - very little bleeding, little to no symptoms, etc.

Once I left the job, I saw my periods getting to be 2 to 3 days. I also saw a return of my usual symptoms (breast pain, fatigue, headache, etc.) The flow was light to maybe a medium at times, depending. 2019 came and I continued to have these lighter periods and sometimes the usual symptoms would not be there.

Now, I have not mentioned. At one point, I did go to the doctor, for hair loss and period problems. Along the way, it was found that I had a high prolactin level. Of course I was not pregnant. I had an MRI and that came back showing no prolactinoma or anything else.So it was concluded that there was no known cause why my prolactin level was high. Also along the way, my testosterone level was a little higher than what it normally should be, but over time as I got tested, it became in normal range. My doctors did not seem too concerned, while I was.

Around October 2019, I started to feel this weird pressure in my lower abdomen. I could feel it if my bladder was full in the morning and if I sucked in my gut. It was not painful, but I knew there was a pressure there. My periods were still spotty to light flow but I had my usual symptoms.

I have not gone back to the doctor because I have been without a job for almost 2 years now and I don't have much money. I cannot ask my parents because they are on a tight budget due to their high medical bills . My boyfriend cannot help because he's been trying to get back into college and have had numerous car problems and cannot help me pay either.

As I write this, I still have this pressure from time to time. March and April's periods did not have any pre-period symptoms like normal, and very few symptoms during. Also, during April's period, I thought I had a huge clot or something because I was doubled over in pain and my fingers were tingly and I was very weak.

I think today (May 17th) I should have started my period. I have cramps like I would during a period, but I am not bleeding.

I know that I should have gone to an OBGYN doctor a long time ago, but it's very hard when you don't have the money to do it. And it sucks because at the end of the month I lose my insurance that I have from my father's job. I am desperately trying to figure something out to get my own but it isn't working out. Plus I'm trying to get a job but since the virus, no luck...
I am overweight - I'm 5 ft. and about 157 pounds. My diet isn't the greatest but I am trying to eat better. I have been warned about caffeine (tea and coffee, mostly tea), but at this point I know it definitely is not a caffeine or weight problem. I have suffered hair loss for almost 3 years now and I have had a few hairs (note I said few) on my chin, and it seems to me like my voice is a tad deeper than before.
I also need to note that my sex drive is very low. While I do get sexually stimulated (aka wet) I do not feel any pleasure - either done by myself or my boyfriend. I also cannot really orgasm like I used to.

I would like to know what this could possibly be. I'm thinking maybe a cyst because I have not had any abnormal bleeding or odors from my vagina.

I would appreciate anything. Sorry for the very long post. Thank you ~Karli
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Re: Period Problems

Unread post by Karyn »

That sounds like a lot of stressful symptoms to have to deal with, and I'm so sorry you've been without access to medical care for so long.

Unfortunately, a lot of this does sound like it would be best investigated by a doctor. Stress and illness can certainly have an effect on your cycle, and cycles often shift and change over time all on their own, but pain like you've described and a feeling of pressure in your abdomen are things that it's good to check in with a doctor about. Would you like us to look into low-cost clinic options in your area? Sometimes there are places that do payment on a sliding scale depending on income.

As for your concern about your sex drive, it might be related, it might not. Stress - which it sounds like you've had a lot of the last few years - can have a really significant effect, and sometimes our sex drive is just lower for no obvious reason. Pretty much everyone has times in their life when they're not as interested in sex. However, if we can find you a clinic that's affordable for you, you can definitely ask whoever you see about this as well.
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