dark skin around vulva and anus

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dark skin around vulva and anus

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I am 16 and has super pale skin and whenever I research as to why my skin is dark they always say it’s because of age, but i’m so young?? To be fair I have never really looked at my private area before until recently and don’t know whether it was always like this. Also, my labia minoria is really big and it makes me really insecure as i can hardly find my clit :((
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Re: dark skin around vulva and anus

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Hi miamoos!

There is a very wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors of labia, so what you’re describing is not at all surprising! The color of labia can also change through puberty, so you might have experienced this. I really recommend reading this article, “Give’em Some Lip”, as it touches on both the color of labia and vagina, and the size and shape. The big takeaway here is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with your labia. (If you want a visual reference to the variety of vulvas, you can check out Betty Dodson's Vulva Illustrations here)

Finding or stimulating the clitoris can be hard for a lot of people, regardless of their labia shape and size. Would you like to talk more about this?
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