why do my breasts change “squishiness”?

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why do my breasts change “squishiness”?

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me again!
pardon my strange phrasing in the title. i genuinely have no idea how to describe this!

so, my (afab) partner (amab) and i have noticed that when i becomes aroused, either by myself or with them, my chest seems to get…squishier? my breasts will LITERALLY CHANGE CONSISTENCY.
we’ll be in the middle of doing things together and then suddenly start joking about it (maybe they sensually touched me and then noticed my chest suddenly feels like jello) because it’s so strange and we have no idea what the deal is there.

i’m not worried at all, i’m sure it’s normal, as i know breasts change a bit during periods and menopause and things like that. i’ve experienced pains and tenderness/sensitivity like that before, so i know this is NOT the same thing.

i suppose what i’m wondering is…what’s THAT about? why does that happen? is there a purpose to it? why do my breasts become squishier SPECIFICALLY when i’m aroused? do they know they’re about to be used as the ultimate stress ball for the next two hours and are preparing /j?

we both tried to google it and got..not much help. just stuff about period tenderness and …the wikipedia article for erotic lactation, for some reason.

it’s not even an issue, but we find it so strange and just wanna know what the body’s deal is! bodies are fascinating and also make zero sense!
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Re: why do my breasts change “squishiness”?

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I love a body-geeky question!

In this case, that's mostly going to be about two things: about blood flow that moves to the breasts -- with arousal, the way the blood flows in our bodies changes, and it usually moves to places like our genitals and breasts in ways it doesn't when we're not aroused -- and about the fact that the muscles behind the breast tissue tend to move closer to the body, so you're going to feel more of the squishy fat cells and glands than you do otherwise.

I can never speak for "purposes" of things like this even though I hear other folks do it all the time. All of that is about theories and presumption (and with sex, a lot of it is also often connected to very heterosexist, natalist and patriarchal ideas and ideals), and I prefer not to presume.

("Ultimate stress ball." Love it.)
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