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changes on t

Posted: Mon May 03, 2021 9:11 pm
by phantomdog
hey everyone,

so it's been awhile since i've been on scarleteen and i hope everyone here is doing well and taking care :) a lot has gone on in my life, such as now having a new job as a pharmacy technician that i really enjoy and having turned 18. i took my first dose of testosterone subcutaneously 2 weeks ago on april 21st and i've already begun to notice some changes, all of which have brought me a huge deal of reassurance in the possibility of finally feeling at home in my own body. some of these are an increased appetite, some new body hair showing up on my arms and thighs, and increased sex drive. but i do have some questions too and am curious if other trans men have experienced / do experience something similar:

i've noticed ever since starting t that after i orgasm, there's a lot of really viscous, clear fluid. i'm not sure if this is my natural lubrication becoming more viscous as a result of the testosterone or if im actually producing a "cum" of sorts, but i am curious about any ideas of what it might be.

Re: changes on t

Posted: Tue May 04, 2021 9:12 am
by Heather
Hey there, phantomdog. I'm glad that you were able to get on T as you wanted and that it's so far been so positive for you! HUZZAH! (I really need to get The Great outta my head.)

That discharge won't be about ejaculate, that's not a thing in the way that it sounds like you're thinking. However -- just throwing some theories out there -- it could be that as a result of the T, you're having different kinds of orgasms or feeling more aroused (gender euphoria is exciting!) so you are, literally, ejaculating (I'm not a fan of the male/female ejaculation binaries for all the obvious reasons, and they are obviously particularly problematic here, but when I say that, I mean ejaculating the way someone with your anatomy can be, with or without T). That'd be my best guess. Too, major clitoral changes won't be happening this fast, but you know, sometimes even subtle changes can have big impacts on how things feel, so it's also possible that even tiny changes so far to that anatomy or how it feels, which T certainly does -- though far more in time -- have had an impact for you.

But, changes in the balance of hormones also often mean changes in the genital environment, especially since T in time results in drier genitals, inside and out, so what I would also be on the lookout for is that this isn't about a bacterial infection. If that discharge ever smells funky or looks greyish, I'd be sure and mention it to a healthcare provider.