Inconvenience with an oddly-shaped clitoris (?)

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Inconvenience with an oddly-shaped clitoris (?)

Unread post by dudehelp »

I'll keep it real with you: my own vagina mystifies and eludes me. I look at diagrams and I look at myself and I cannot physically discern the different parts. But what I do know is there is some kind of flap of loose skin attached to the right side of my clitoris. Or the clitoral hood? It's just a weird little gathering of useless baggy skin. I recall asking my doctor about it a few years ago and he said it's nothing concerning, I just have a weird asymmetrical vag. Whatever.

I do have two problems, though. One: it chafes, and for some reason it gets itchy? It's irritating. Two: It gets in the way when I try to masturbate. I have to like, rearrange my vagina. That's weird!

So my questions are: how do I stop the chafing? And is there a word for it? Is it just a random abnormality or is it, you know, a Thing with a Proper Term?
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Re: Inconvenience with an oddly-shaped clitoris (?)

Unread post by Sam W »

Hi dudehelp ,

Without being able to see it, we can't say for certain what it is, but I will say it sounds like a pretty standard variation in how genitals can look; asymmetry is actually pretty common. It could be that what your noticing is a variation in your labia, up towards the top of it.

With the chafing, does it happen pretty consistently? Or have you noticed things like what underwear or clothing you're wearing seem to influence it?
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