penis size?????

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penis size?????

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hey! im 14 yrs, and i'm uncircumcised. i have two questions, 1. does circumcision affect penis length, and 2. when flaccid, my penis is aroung 1.5 inches. when erect, my penis is around 3.5 inches. im only like a year younger than the guy who just asked this, and he's at 6 inches, which is good, even for an adult. why am i shorter in this scenario? thanks :D
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Re: penis size?????

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Hi there,

Circumcision shouldn't have a big impact on the size of your penis, no. All penises are different, and grow at different rates. If you read the article I linked to in the post you're referring to you'll get a lot more info. Also, you referred to someone else's size as "good", but keep reading down to the "Who does size really matter to most?" section of that piece - and you'll see this: not only do less women care about penis size than men, but that women also often have little patience for guys fixating on their penises.

Shown Actual Size: A Penis Shape & Size Lowdown

At 14 years, your body definitely hasn't settled into it's final size and shape, and actually most partners are gonna be more interested in the things you say and do than the exact size of your penis.
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