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brazilian waxing

Posted: Thu May 21, 2020 9:10 pm
by Crystal_River
Today my mom went on over to this waxing place and gave them parental permission on waxing me (thanks mom!). I want to get a Brazilian wax but also get my legs and underarms and done, and BTW this is all something new for me. But I noticed that when I was looking at the photos of wax specialists that they have that I found myself picking the lady who I found the most beautiful and attractive. I just now made an appointment online for Friday the 29th with this lady specialist, and right now I see this like some kind of weird erotic fantasy. I am getting waxed and nothing else, and I know this, but now my mind is on this idea that this beautiful lady is going to have her hands all over down there. I guess i'm asking if my mind is in the right place on this? I want a Brazilian simply because I want one but now I am looking at this at a whole new level.

Re: brazilian waxing

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 4:38 am
by Siân
Hi Crystal-River

It's totally normal to sometimes have sexual thoughts about people, including people we don't really know. Those thoughts are yours alone and no-one is going to know that they are there unless you choose to share them. The important thing in this context is to remember that the technician doing your waxing is unlikely to find it sexual - they are simply using their skills as part of their job. She will have worked with a lot of clients, all with different bodies and vulvas and this is simply a part of her work. Thinking she is attractive is totally fine! Acting on those sexual thoughts whilst she is waxing you would be inappropriate - does that make sense?